For training providers

If you’re a training provider, CourseSight is the perfect marketplace. With a growing number of sector-based organisations adopting the system, bringing increasing volumes of new customers to the portal, there has never been a better time to sign up and promote your courses.

CourseSight provides a unique presence - one which you can access for free.

Using CourseSight, you can promote your courses and your organisation to a wider group, attracting new and existing clients and automate many elements of your training administration.

As well as providing you with a new ‘shop window’ with a larger audience, the system also enables you to link your own website to your course content on CourseSight. This enables you to utilise CourseSight’s powerful functionality to process and manage bookings and take online payment - driven straight from your own website.

Because CourseSight is comprehensive, it can send out joining instructions and other confirmations on your behalf as soon as an online booking is made. The system also handles cancellations (within your specified terms) as well as substitutions, helping to reduce the amount of time your staff need to spend on this type of admin, leaving them to focus on work of greater value to your business.

Through CourseSight's unique links, the system also allows you to manage and create communities and user groups with your key clients, enabling you to offer discounts and payment on account terms which work for YOU.

Once you've signed up as a Provider, you can quickly start adding courses to CourseSight, publishing and promoting them immediately to the wide range of individuals and companies who use CourseSight to book courses.

It costs nothing for you to promote your courses on the system - we just charge you a fee when the booking is made, that's all.

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